Passionate about investing in scalable startups

Our Mission

"A good deal is where you find it." Square Peg Ventures invests in People, Potential, and Results... wherever they may come from.

Square Peg Ventures is a seed and venture capital investment group deploying capital through funds, SPVs and syndicates across various investment opportunities ranging from disruptive technology startups and emerging growth companies to income properties and large-scale real estate development and revitalization projects.

Our approach to investment factors in the analysis and perspectives of multi-disciplinary analysts, advisors, referral-sources, syndicate leads, and mentors with expertise across multiple industries (i.e. people a LOT smarter than us); allowing us to pursue both consistent/stable investments concurrent with high-growth / high-upside opportunities. Across the spectrum, we invest in PEOPLE, POTENTIAL and in RESULTS; wherever they may come from.

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