What We Do

Square Peg Startup is a seed-stage and early-stage venture fund investing in entrepreneurial teams capable of turning great ideas into game-changing enterprises.


We invest in both proven and unproven teams attacking attractive opportunities (including unproven markets) with innovative solutions and/or effective pragmatic approaches.


We are most interested in teams creating solutions to alleviate legitimate pain-points and products or services that provide a demonstrable value-add to their target customers.

Market Opportunity

A solution to a problem whether novel, simple, complex, sexy or unsexy is a market opportunity. Show us how it makes money, and we’ll listen to what you have to say.


We aren’t generally interested in a new version of an old concept; your idea, market, business model, and path to success must be well thought out and clearly articulated.

Square Peg Properties is a diversified real estate investment holding entity that purchases (entirely) and/or invests (partially) in residential, commercial, and (preferably) mixed-use real properties / developments.

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    The underlying theme of this fund’s holdings and investment strategy is to produce a stable foundation of income through positive cash-flow properties which can be re-invested into additional projects.

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    The long-term goal is for the fund to be self-sustaining through disciplined re-investment of income, balanced leverage, and re-finance strategies for appreciated properties.

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    Cash Distributions

    Investments are only made into properties and projects that can provide monthly cash distributions within a six to ten month post-closing stabilization period.

Example Portfolio Holdings: Multi-Family Residential (3-Units), Multi-Family Residential (4+ Units), Mixed-Use Commercial (Restaurant, Retail, Offices, Co-Working), Parking Lot, Self-Storage Facility, Billboards, Cell Tower.

Square Peg Developments is a real estate development entity that takes on larger-scale speculative real estate projects ranging from new construction, redevelopment / rehabilitation of existing structures, participating in economic development initiatives.


Strategic Partnership

The development company also actively engages in the sourcing, planning, and syndication of larger or riskier development deals by putting together strategic partners for discrete portions of comprehensive large-scale developments. Square Peg Development’s revenues may be derived from a combination of sources including: development fees from the provision of development coordination services; real-estate brokerage fees for sourced deals; retained equity in overall developments, project-level joint ventures, and land lease revenues.